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Membership at the Blind Community Center of San Diego can make a difference in your life. Our Mission is to enrich the lives of blind and visually impaired adults and children, preparing them for a normal, active life in a society that is principally sighted. This process can occur through your attendance to classes, programs, and events that the Blind Community Center offers.

Although we do not exclude the community from visiting our Center and participating in activities, priority for all classes, programs, events, and transportation is given to our members. Often these events have limited space, and members are given priority for attendance.

The members at the Blind Community Center also play an active role in managing the organization. A majority of the Board Members are from the general membership, and the membership elects these Board Members, vote on Bylaw changes, and our programs are tailored to help fulfill the needs of the blind community, with important input from our members.

Lee Morton, member for 27 years, has this to say about her experience:

I have lived in San Diego since 1962, and I attended events at the BCC all of my life. When I attended college, the blind community was not a high priority. I stayed away from the Center for about ten years after graduating from college.

When I grew up I realized that I needed the blind community as well as my sighted friends. I started getting involved with the Center, and found that I had unique opportunities in this organization.

First of all, I appreciate having friends who understand the frustration of having busses pass me up, or the joy of voting with an accessible machine for the first time. My sighted friends just don’t understand, even though they might try to be sympathetic.

I also could become a voting member and actually have a say in the organization. Not only do we have one or two blind or visually impaired members on our Board, but we maintain a blind consumer majority.

For those of you thinking about the BCC, I hope you appreciate the tremendous opportunity you have. You can vote in annual elections for members of the Board of Directors as well as bylaws. You have a direct input in the policies of the agency. Membership in the Blind Community Center offers the opportunity to grow and serve your visually impaired community, and make a difference. There are also occasional perks such as priority in transportation that make membership worth the time and commitment. Come join us!

For more information on Membership, please visit our Becoming a Member page.