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CD/Game Party

The CD/Game Party offers a chance to meet new friends while enjoying great music, games, and food. One Monday each month participants take turns sharing their favorite music with the group and play games such as Phase 10, Dominoes, Cribbage, UNO, Skipbo, and more.

The CD/Game Party is potluck style so guests are encouraged to bring a snack to share with the group. A tip on CD/Game party etiquette: You don’t have to bring food to the party, but if you do, please bring enough food for 5 people. There will be food for anyone who brings food.

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Bingo provides an opportunity for fun and socializing with friends while competing to win Bingo rounds. Winners receive prizes such as food, personal care, and cleaning items.

One Saturday each month we play 20-40 rounds of Bingo. Winners get to choose their prizes. We finish Bingo with a blackout round. The goal of blackout is to get all of the numbers on your board called. There is usually just one blackout winner and they receive a cash prize.

Guests pay a small participation fee which includes 1-2 Bingo boards plus lunch. This fee also helps pay for prizes and blackout each month. Starting September 1, 2016 Bingo costs $5.00 per BCCSD member and $10.00 per participant.

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Art is subjective. It’s is influenced by the feelings of both the artist and the observer. Everyone experiences something different when they look at a work of art. When it comes to painting, there is no right or wrong. There is no talent or lack thereof. Everyone’s work comes out beautiful and unique.

Painting provides an opportunity for visually impaired participants to explore their talents and discover new ways to express themselves. The group explores painting techniques and discusses the progression of their work. Through the use of an art resource called “Wikki Stix,” participants are able to feel their artwork and regain their love for painting.

This program gives participants an opportunity for a creative outlet and expanding their skills, but no experience is necessary.

Please call 619-298-5021 x206 to participate and reserve art supplies.

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December Nights Crafts Class

Each year during December Nights in Balboa Park members of the Blind Community Center sell crafts that are hand made by some of the members. This class focuses on making crafts in advance to be sold at December Nights. This class runs in the months prior to December Nights.

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Holiday Choir

Are you interested in participating in the BCCSD Holiday Choir? The group performs in December at local senior centers and participates in the BCCSD fundraiser at December Nights in Balboa Park. Anyone who can carry a tune is welcome.

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Cribbage is a card game that uses a peg board to keep score. Players add up the numbers on their cards to get 15 as many ways as possible. Players get 2 points each time they hit 15. Pegs are moved around the board to keep track of points. The first player to move their peg around the board twice wins.

Want to learn how to play? Pat Newman, facilitator, teaches new students how to play the game. Already a pro? Pat hosts a bi-annual cribbage tournament for anyone brave enough to compete.

Players of all skill levels can enjoy cribbage in this fun class. Build your strategy by participating in weekly cribbage games.

Games are by appointment only. New participants should call 619-298-5021 x206 to reserve a game appointment with the instructor.

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Water Skiing

This annual program provides an opportunity to visit Fiesta Island and Mission Bay. Come water ski, slalom ski, take a ride on a boat, or sit on a water chair or inner tune while being towed across the bay by a ski club member. Beginners and experts alike are invited to enjoy the activities.

 After a morning of fun at the beach, head to San Diego Mission Bay Boat and Ski Club  for a terrific barbecue lunch.

This program runs May – September. Thank you to the San Diego Mission Bay Boat and Ski Club for hosting these summer ski events.


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Craft Class

Craft Class is a free program provided by the BCCSD and San Diego City College Continuing Education. Participants work on a large number of craft projects including beading, leather working, copper tooling, yarn, and more. Participants pay only for the cost of the supplies they use.

All the crafts are tactile and designed for the visually impaired. As intimidating as it might sound right now, the crafts teach participants to rely on their sense of touch and not on their limited vision.

The goal of the class is to educate and to provide choices and new learning experiences. The outcome is that participants build confidence, make friends, and take home beautiful crafts to share with friends and family. Participants in craft class come for both the creative experience and a sense of accomplishment. A free lunch is provided to visually impaired students.

New students call 619-298-5021 x206 to RSVP.

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Blind Community Martial Arts

BCCSD Martial Arts is a registered Martial Arts School for people that are blind, vision impaired, or otherwise specially challenged. Sensei Schapp’s comprehensive program is achieving major milestones and accomplishing goals for the Blind Community that are unprecedented in the martial arts industry. Click here to learn more.

“We all have challenges! To overcome them we practice diligently. Age is a number and ability is our state of being.”

This is an incredibly diverse class. We have students of all ages and abilities. This program is specifically designed for, but not limited to, people that are blind, vision impaired, or otherwise specially challenged.

Participants will learn Karate Techniques, Forms (kata), as well as Distance Control and Balance Exercises. The Self Defense Drills are based on Traditional and Modern Jiu Jitsu.

Our mission is to help you improve your life quality through mental and physical martial arts training.

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